Goldstar Advisors Services

We help create and execute transactions for clients. Whether you want to pursue a merger, acquisition, sale or divestiture, we partner with you to achieve your objectives. We also work closely with management teams to develop strategic growth plans that will enhance valuation in future transactions.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Growth companies must often acquire to meet their financial objectives. Goldstar has worked with private and public companies on strategic transactions to build stronger companies.

Services include:

  • Develop merger or acquisition strategies and criteria
  • Identify potential merger or acquisition candidates
  • Analyze financial impact of the transaction
  • Perform detailed valuation analyses
  • Contact acquisition targets
  • Conduct extensive due diligence
  • Advise on financing
  • Negotiate valuation and agreements and close the transaction

Sales & Divestitures

We guide clients through these transactions step by step so management knows what to expect and can stay focused on running the business during this critical time.

Services include:

  • Conduct extensive due diligence on the client’s business
  • Write a marketing book about the company
  • Analyze company’s positioning in its industry and its opportunities
  • Describe operating results and financial condition
  • Build detailed financial projections
  • Prepare all due diligence materials and assemble an online data room
  • Contact broad or targeted list of potential buyers
  • Execute confidentiality agreements with interested parties
  • Create management presentation
  • Conduct management due diligence sessions
  • Negotiate term sheets, letters of intent and final closing documents

Capital Raising

We raise equity and debt securities for companies from our network of relationships with private equity and venture capital firms, mezzanine and junior debt lenders, strategic investors and high net worth individuals. This includes capital for growth, acquisitions and recapitalizations.

Pre-Sale Preparation

For companies that are six to eighteen months away from selling but want to begin planning for a transaction, we offer services to prepare the key financial and marketing components needed for a successful transaction. By having us prepare these documents in advance, management can save significant time and money when the company is ready to sell. These services also prepare a firm to respond to unsolicitied offers.

Services include:

  • Organize and format company financials for presentation to potential buyers
  • Assemble online data room to facilitate due diligence preparation
  • Write executive summary and marketing book describing the company
  • Build three to five year detailed financial projection model
  • Create management presentation
  • Recommend strategies to enhance the company’s valuation

Business Planning

Goldstar advises companies on a wide range of strategic projects that help companies evaluate current operations and plan for future growth. We have also worked with entrepreneurs to translate creative visions into business plans and financial objectives.

Services include:

  • Evaluate new business initiatives
  • Analyze current products or services
  • Negotiate strategic alliances
  • Create financial projection models
  • Refine creative visions into business plans